Tuesday, May 24, 2016

chik fil a

as i'm sitting with george on our mommy/son date at chik fil a, he randomly starts asking me questions about girls being called "women" and boys being called "men." i had no idea where this conversation was going, but encouraged him as he was talking to use a whisper voice because he has one volume. loud.

then out of nowhere he states, "people say we don't have a dad!"

my eyebrows went up and i had the look on my face of, "pardon?"

at that point, i also felt like i needed to introduce myself to everyone in chik fil a because george had basically welcomed them all into our conversation with the level of volume he was using in our one on one conversation.

i asked him who told him that and he said, "uhhhh, nobody."

knowing that it obviously came from somewhere, i assured him that yes he does have a daddy, he is just in heaven and not here on earth with us. no matter where he is, it doesn't take away the fact that he does have a daddy and his daddy loves him very much.

then i pressed again, "so who made you think you don't have a daddy?" he responded by naming two of his little classmates from school. i further explained, "oh well they are super lucky because they have their dads here with them, but you are also super lucky too. your daddy is special because he can watch over you all the time and see you taking care of mommy from heaven. regardless, you still have a daddy"

georges sweet response was what got me. he was truly understanding the importance of what i said about him being my helper and good for mommy that he confessed.

"well mommy, i'm not always good"

this i know. news flash. he thought he was stating a fact that might rock my world, but i so appreciated his genuine honesty and just smiled at the concerned look on his face.

"i know buddy, but you're only 4 and you try your best and daddy knows that."

just like that he said, "ok may i go play now?"

a day in the life... :)