Monday, March 7, 2016

podcast with "pastors with no answers"

Recently, a good friend of mine and Joshua's, asked me to come on his podcast and talk about what it's like to be a widow in my 30's, where I am in my healing process and how I reconcile it all with God.

Joey is not just the pastor of the church I attend or the guy from the "BadChristian" and "Pastor With No Answers" podcasts. He is the husband to my dear friend Pricilla and the guy who has been picking up my kids every Thursday for the last four years just to spend time with them and take them to school. I am forever grateful for him and his family. For his wife to be selfless and support him leaving his family super early in the morning (they have four kids!) to come help mine is a blessing. She gets her kids ready for school and out the door alone every Thursday so mine can have time with him and give me a break. That's crazy! Hannah Rae and George look forward to Thursday's when "Uncle Joey" comes and scoops them up. Although they see Joey on Thursday, Pricilla is just as much a part of the blessing, it's just behind the scenes.

We have had countless conversations about the death of my husband and how it impacts my life on a day to day basis.  I think you will find our conversation on the podcast to be a genuine reflection of our morbid and not always understood sense of humor. I appreciate Joey and his brother Jared for inviting me on to talk about my life and hope it brings people out there a sense of hope and encouragement.

There are two episodes 21 and 22